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Linda M. Gaudiani MD, FACP, FACE
Richard Bernstein MD, FACE

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Our staff members can be reached at 415-461-1585.

    Jesse Cardozo - Financial Research Manager
    Carol Lacthman - Clinical Research Coordinator
    Jack Taw - Clinical Research Coordinator
    Patricia Von Koss - RN, Clinical Research Coordinator
    Pamela Campos - Phlebotomist

Jesse Cardozo
Jesse Cardozo has worked in clinical research for 6+ years. He was educated at San Francisco State University, and has a Master of Science Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He has extensive experience in neurological drug research, and is currently working on multiple research protocols, with a primary focus on endocrinology. Jesse is originally from Miami, Florida and has lived in the Bay Area since 1997. He has been married for nine years, and has 1 daughter and 1 son.

In Memoriam

Frances Gerardo Zolfaghari

Frances Zolfaghari began working for Marin Endocrine in 1988 as a medical assistant and quickly advanced to the position of Research Manager and Senior Clinical Research Coordinator. She was pivotal to the successful development of our research department as it expanded over the years. Frances became known for her meticulous work ethics, her energetic recruiting efforts, her endearing care of our patients and her generosity to all.

Frances passed away unexpectedly after a brief illness on March 29, 2007. She will be missed deeply by all of us at Marin Endocrine, by her co-workers in the research industry and her patients.