Payment of Fees and Insurance

Payment of Fees is requested and expected at the time of service (unless we have a current contract with your insurance carrier). As a courtesy, we will submit any non-contracted claims to your insurance carrier requesting them to reimburse you directly. Should you require further assistance to obtain your reimbursement, please contact the billing office.

Insurance Coverage is your responsibility. Please be familiar with your health insurance benefits and bring your card to our office. If you have changed policies, please make sure the front desk gets a copy of your new card. There are over 1000 different plans and therefore it is impossible for our office to know all your covered benefits. Helpful information for you to obtain prior to your appointment may include:

  • Required referrals and authorization for services rendered
  • Co-payment and deductible amounts. (You may have a co-pay for office visits but a deductible for labs and procedures).
  • Covered laboratory services as well as procedures
  • Claims address

Medicare Participation. We are not Medicare participating providers, which means we will collect the limiting Medicare fee at the time of service as well as file all necessary claims for your reimbursement. Medicare typically reimburses 80% of the allowable fee. There will be a reasonable out of pocket expense.