Hidden risks of fractures for men

Male osteoporosis is a condition which is frequently under diagnosed and rarely treated, and exacts a significant toll on men’s health. While less frequent than osteoporosis in women, because men generally have a higher bone mass to start with, the condition frequently results in significant health risks in later life. The risk of osteoporosis and related hip and spine fractures increase with risk factors such as: advancing age, a history of smoking, more than three alcoholic drinks per day, and declining testosterone levels after age 50-60. While only 25% of hip fractures occur in men, the mortality for hip fractures is 20% for males, somewhat higher than for females.

Marin Endocrine Care & Research is currently involved in a study for male patients with low bone density as well as for some men with prior spine fractures.

For more information please call MEC&R at 415-461-9113 or 415-461-1585,
and ask for Carol or Natalie.

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