Current Clinical Studies

How to participate in research at Marin Endocrine Care & Research

If you have a condition listed in our current studies section and wish to consider participation, please give us a call. We’ll explain the purpose of the study and the type of patients for whom we are searching. If you are appropriate for the study, we will ask you to come to our office to discuss the study in greater detail. We will review the informed consent document with you to explain all of the features of the study and the medication under investigation, as well as any side effects you are likely to encounter. If the research study is deemed appropriate we will ask you to come to our office to review the consent form and enter a study. You will continue to receive all your other care from your previous doctors as usual.

Why participate as a patient in a clinical study at Marin Endocrine Care & Research?

People volunteer to participate in a drug study for many different reasons. They may share an intellectual interest in new therapies that might help them or they may want to contribute to scientific data gathering. Some patients benefit by receiving medical care assessments, laboratory studies and medications at no charge but all must realize that research involves some time, some risk and a willingness to carefully follow the medical research protocols. Patients must work with staff to bring about optimal clinical and research results with our maximal safety.

To enroll in one of our Clinical Research Studies or get more information please call (415) 461-1585.

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