Dr Gaudiani and Dr Bernstein, board certified endocrinologists, provide office consultations for patients who need assessments for diagnoses of endocrine disorders or who require management and treatment of known endocrine diseases. Whether you are referred by another physician or are self referred you can call to obtain an appointment for initial evaluation. Expect a 45-minute consult including a review of your history, any past medical records, a physical exam and a discussion and plan. Please arrive 10 minutes early before your scheduled visit. History forms are usually sent in advance or can be downloaded online. Please complete these beforehand.

We try to facilitate prompt appointments for endocrine related care if immediate attention is required. Please let the receptionist know if this is needed and she will do everything possible to assist you.

Non-endocrine questions, problems and routine concerns should be directed to your primary care physician.

Our doctors provide hospital endocrine consultations when requested by hospital physicians or by patient request when appropriate. We encourage patients to insure continuity of close diabetic management during all procedures, tests and hospitalizations.

Regardless of where your labs tests are performed, your results will be reviewed either at your follow up office visit or by mail, please do not phone our office within the first 7 days. We will notify you by phone if there are any urgent abnormal values on your test that we've ordered.

We often are able to send copies of your lab results to your primary care doctors or to you directly. Some labs will not facilitate this and extra steps and time may be necessary to complete this.

We will reorder the needed tests at the time of your visit, we find that this avoids long delays of rescheduled appointments and decreases errors that result from laboratory orders sent in by phone or fax.