Welcome to Marin Endocrine Care & Research

Marin Endocrine Care and Research was established in 1988 to provide consulting care for patients with endocrine and metabolic disorders. We continue to provide evaluation and management of diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid diseases, parathyroid disorders, women’s endocrine health counseling, menopause, menstrual disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, pituitary and adrenal dysfunction, obesity and sex hormone deficiency at Marin Endocrine Center.

We have also been uniquely and continuously committed to active involvement in clinical research studies for 30 years and have been principal investigators in over 100 FDA approved and supervised studies at Marin Endocrine Care & Research.

At MEC&R, we believe in equality of access to care without regard to age, race or gender. Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical care possible in a supportive and safe environment. We see patients on a physician as well as self-referral basis for participation in research, and medical insurance is not necessary for participation.

This website is designed to outline the mission and goals, the medical backgrounds, and the research opportunities we offer at MEC&R. It also provides procedural information we hope will be helpful to patients interested in pursuing clinical trial opportunities. We believe an understanding of our goals and policies will assist in providing personalized care and unique treatment options. Our goals are to achieve best outcomes by providing clinical trial participation that may diversify patient treatment opportunities and also expand the medical knowledge base.

Our research department is nationally respected by the major pharmaceutical companies developing metabolic therapies, as well as newer companies in medical technology development, and enables our patients to participate in relevant clinical trials of promising pharmaceuticals within our specialty. “Safety, efficacy and utility” is our research motto.

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