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Looking Forward after 30 Years of Service

As the calendar turned the first pages of 2019, so we at Marin Endocrine Care and Research began the 31st year of our clinical practice of Endocrinology and pharmaceutical clinical Research! We are proud of that history of medical service in our Community these decades and grateful that we have been chosen by our colleagues and patients both to provide endocrinology consulting care as well as to participate in hundreds of the most cutting edge developments in clinical pharmaceutical drug trial research and devise/technology development.

The past 30 years have brought growth and expansion of our experience, staff and space and we are now excited to announce that our two new associates have become full colleagues in our practice and have assumed full roles as Principal and Sub Investigators in our clinical research protocols. We are very proud to introduce Dr Mickie Cheng MD PhD and Dr Alex Uihlein MD who both chose to join our practice two years ago in part because of their research interests, training and backgrounds as well as were chosen by us for those reasons in part as well. Drs Cheng and Uihlein have impressive training and credentials and extensive experience in endocrinology, both clinical and research, and both are looking forward to further developing the scope of our research team and practice with me. Our office manager of over 25 years, our clinical manager of over 10 years and our staff of clinical coordinators also each over ten years with MECR, all continue to move the capabilities of Marin Endocrine Care and Research forward as a cohesive team.

As of January 1st, Dr Richard Bernstein has now retired but will remain a friend and colleague after a career of over 45 years in medical practice! He leaves MECR in good hands and we salute him for his long and successful practice and for his early, innovative involvement in clinical research. He will be missed but the last two years were ones of deliberate coordination for the safe and smooth transition of study responsibilities to Drs Cheng, Uihlein and myself. In our new configuration we plan to continue to participate in primarily diabetes related trials and cardiometabolic and bone health studies as we have in the past but also plan to expand into other appropriate research areas supported by our experience in patient recruitment and retainment within our specialty and in related specialties such as women’s and men’s health, pain management and others.

We invite you to review the Bios and CVs of each of us, visit our website, visit our practice and research offices and please do not hesitate to call us with questions and queries about ongoing and upcoming studies. We wish you a healthy New Year and look forward to continuing our valued and rich relationships and initiating new exciting ones as well.


Currently Recruiting Research Studies

mecr-kron4We are currently enrolling studies in the areas listed here. Please click on the studies for more information.You may also give the research department a call at 415-461-1585.


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