Marin Endocrine Expansion and News

As of August 2013, our private endocrine consulting practice became part of the family of Marin Healthcare District Care Centers as Marin Endocrine Center. This affiliation enables us to serve a larger community of patients and physicians in the greater Bay Area. We now accept most health insurance plans and have recruited two new colleagues into our practice. Additionally, this affiliation allows us to coordinate seamless diabetes care at Marin General Hospital, the Braden Diabetes Center and our office.

To contact Marin Endocrine Center for endocrine consultations, follow up care, or Bone Mineral Density studies, go to Marin Endocrine Center at www.marinhealthcare.org/mec or call 415-461-1780 for an appointment. The practices of Drs. Linda Gaudiani, Alexander Uhlein, and Mickie Cheng are all accepting both new and ongoing patients.

At Marin Endocrine Care & Research, Drs. Gaudiani and Bernstein continue to provide opportunities for patients to participate in carefully chosen clinical research trials monitored by our experienced staff and physicians. Our 30 year history of active Endocrine clinical research has allowed us to offer new, state of the art therapies for patients with diabetes and endocrine disorders. We are proud of our history and grateful to those patients who have contributed to medical scientific progress as well as to optimizing their own health objectives.

To find out more about our current and upcoming Research and Pharmaceutical Trials and upcoming protocols, contact us at 415-461-1585.

Currently Recruiting Research Studies

mecr-kron4We are currently enrolling studies in the areas listed here. Please click on the studies for more information.You may also give the research department a call at 415-461-1585.


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